We’re fundraising in a fun way! Our Stag & Doe will help get us to Theatre Ontario in Ottawa.

Mock Stag and Doe FAQ!

Where is it?

-College Boreal (formerly Place Concorde on Forest Glade Drive)

When is it?

-Doors open at 6

How much?

-25 for you, 45 for you and your main squeeze, the more the merrier!

Ok, what do I get for that ticket price? I mean, usually Stag and Does means beer is included. Is it?

-Yea, buddy, your ticket gets you in the door, your food for the night, your non-booze drinks, and your beer for night. Yea.

Is this like a banquet dinner thing? Boring!!

-Heck no! There’s gonna be games and prizes all night long. Well Drinks and Jello Shots. Palm Readings and uhm hugs? Yea Hugs!! Everyone is going to be up and moving and grooving to tunes and having a great old time.

Wait! Did you say 2.50 wells??

-You betcha!

And food is included in the cost?

-Yes it is. Because we love you.

Anything else I should know?

-Bring some loose cash with you to take part in the games and for chances at some pretty cool prizes (hint: there’s some baseball tickets on the line here)

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